A History of Marshall

information about many of Marshall's Landmarks

including excerpts from Richard Carver's book "A History of Marshall"


Brooks Memorial Fountain, a lovely Greek Revival structure which features a regular evening color light show.

Grand Army of the Republic - now an archival storage area for the Marshall Historic Society and a Marshall Museum.

Governor's Mansion - built in 1839 with the hopes that it would become the governor's home if Marshall were selected as the state capital.

Honolulu House Museum, built in 1860 by Abner Pratt, the first U.S. Consul to the Sandwich (Hawaiian) Islands.

The Inter-Urban --- Saturday April 11, 1903 - the first
interurban car rolled majestically through the city of Marshall to Battle Creek.

Museum of Magic --- Prest - Change -O! From saloon to billiard parlor, to clothing ctore, to museum, this edifice, built in 1868, has known many transformations.

National House Inn - Mann's Hotel, as the villagers called it, was formally opened on New Years Eve 1836 with the first ball held in Marshall.

Postal Museum - A wonderful collection of Postal memorabilia housed in the Marshall Post Office

Capitol Hill School Museum - built in 1860, this school was in use for 101 years

Marshall schools - a brief history and some impressive photos and sketches of early Marshall schools.


 "A History of Marshall"

Excerpts used by permission from author Richard Carver

all rights reserved.

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